Zrínyi Ilona Grammar School in Nyíregyháza is one of the nationwide acclaimed centres of talent development and the real ‘alma mater’ for several generations by now.

The school was founded in 1917. Over the decades it has grown into a mixed school of comprehensive studies preparing for higher education. Thanks to the work and performance of successive generations of teachers and students, Zrínyi has become an influential grammar school in the country. Being a ‘base school’ and ‘TalentPoint’ we take upon extra duties in the fields of teacher training, pedagogical innovation and emotional-intellectual education. Our mission is centered around conveying communicative language competence, developing skills and creating a health conscious, creative view of life in our students.
That is why we joined the Arany János Program for Developing Talents in 2000.

We have successfully applied for several Human Resources Development Operational Programme and Social Renewal Operational Programme grants, due to which we can realise the competence based education. We take great care of the improvement of students’ personalities, which is helped by our school psychologist and a youth counsellor. Our institution is also a defibrillation point in the city and we have gained the ‘ Safe School’ title as well.
Both our human resources and assets fully fit the most up-to-date requirements. 72 highly qualified teachers train and educate 740 students. There are more than 30 classrooms, a library and two gyms available. Physics,biology, chemistry and geography lessons are held in well-equipped laboratories. Students can acquire the knowledge of computer application and programming in 3 computer classrooms. Our language lab organizes interactive learning using the modern X-Class system.

As almost 40% of our students live in the student hostel, the conditions of peaceful and efficient studying are ensured for them in two hostels belonging to the grammar school; the central one next door to the school building and the Arany János Talent Developing Student Hostel a bit further but easily accessible.

Structure of education:

  • Intermediate English/ German class – four-year training (class ‘A’)
  • Language preparatory German beginner/ English pre-intermediate class – five-year training (class ‘B’)
  • Arany János for Developing Talents – five-year training (class ‘C’)
  • Language preparatory English beginner class – five-year training (class ‘D’)
  • Language preparatory Spanish beginner/ French beginner class – five-year training (class ‘E’)


The second foreign language is optional for all our students; Russian and Finnish can also be chosen.
In the final two years of their studies, students can apply for advanced level courses in accordance with their interests. The success of the preparation is proven by the fact that our students get the chance to continue their studies at the most prestigious Hungarian and foreign universities.

As the essential features of fruitful training and education, a respectful but close teacher-student relationship, understanding and care characterize life both in the grammar school and the student hostels.

Most important partners:












International relationships:

Since 1994 – student exchange programme with Kajaanin Lyseon Lukio, Finland
1993 – official cooperation started with Gymnasium an der Stenner, Iserlohn, Germany
1995 – partner school
in Schloss Holte Stuckenbrock
Students learning French have the opportunity to travel to Paris in spring
Students of Spanish can travel on a study trip in summer








Telephone: 36-42-315-911
Fax: 36-42-315-993
Web: http://zrinyinyh.hu
E-mail: zrinyigimn@freemail.hu